About Us

Welcome to New Life Vault (NLV)

Where your imagination takes place. Our company is one of a kind with hundreds of color options coming soon, from multiple-colored garments and logo color options. Powered by Gildan (Hoodies & Sweaters). NLV "Drop Sets" are fully custom street wear. Madd color options and stylish designs. The Vault is a company that allows you to have fun while designing custom clothing, to create your style and color waves for yourself and others to purchase. Helping people find a New Life for themselves through designing. Only hiring up to 5 people for designs and up to 15 people for advertising (Private Social Media Marketers, Content Creators, You-Tube, Tik-Tok, and Instagram Influencers.) As we are just getting started. Come through show off your skills, throw a NLV tag & logo anywhere on the outside of the garment. and start promoting your style of choice. You can also choose to promote one of many designs that's already created. For more information contact the email address below. Welcome to the Vault!!
Founded in Detroit Michigan, 2023.

Contact newlifevault@gmail.com to find out more about our NLVault Buy Inn Program down below. ONLY FIVE SLOTS FOR DESIGNERS FOR NOW!!